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Optimization Engineer

Howard specializes in optimization algorithms for big data problems, particularly the creation, training, and evaluation of models that are data-driven and require hard constraints be satisfied (e.g. large systems of equations for physical systems).

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Recent Explainable AI work, published in Nature's Scientific Reports

Howard creates graphics for communicating research and educating aspiring mathematicians.

Typal Academy

A friendly introduction to real analysis

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Research at the intersection of big data, optimization, and explainability

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Numerical Analyis Notes

Applied Differential Equations Notes

Notes for qualifying exams in the math PhD program at UCLA

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Howard enjoys activities that require focus, especially running, powerlifting, and slacklining.


Slacklining at Smith Rock, OR.


Slacklining at Smith Rock, OR.


Slacklining at a park in College Place, WA.