Welcome. I am a PhD Candidate in the UCLA Math Department, researching optimization and machine learning under the advisement of Wotao Yin. My undergraduate studies were completed at Walla Walla University with majors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. My research, teaching notes, and tutoring info can be found via links in the menu.

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Recent posts

Projecting to Manifolds via Unsupervised Learning

8 minute read

TL; DR - We present an algorithm for performing projections onto the low dimensional manifolds that efficiently represent true data.

Safeguarded Learned Convex Optimization

less than 1 minute read

TL; DR - Safeguarded learning to optimize (L2O) algorithms can leverage the strength of machine learning tools while maintaining convergence guarantees.

Async Inertial Method for Common Fixed Points

less than 1 minute read

TL; DR - Baby version of ARock for common fixed points without using any probability.